The Book List 2019

After the success of The Book List 2018 I thought I’d up the game this year and include books read by my amazing wife Nicky too.

Sadly, this year’s list never quite carried its momentum through the year, but here’s a flavour of what we read anyway.



anatomy of a scandal by Sarah vaughan

read by Nicky

A fine page turning thriller which we’ve both now rattled through

the tattooist of auschwitz by Heather Morris

read by Nicky

Nicky read this in 2 days and completely agrees with me, it is an extraordinary, beautiful book.

non fiction

with love, joy, hate and despair by Jeanne Marie Laskas

read by Kevin

Wow! It’s going to take something extraordinary for this not to be the top non-fiction read of 2019 for me! The story of the 10lads letters and the incredible team which looked after the President’s mail room during the 8 years which Barak Obama held that post. Review to follow.