5 Reasons To Use A Newbie Content Writer

1. They're Excited Be excited with them, together you will create the energy your brand needs. Infectious enthusiasm will come across in your message. 2. They'll Listen Desperate to impress you, you can take your time to express your vision. There will be no complacency and no talking over you. 3. Howdy Partner As a... Continue Reading →


OOO, we do love a good book - not all of these books were published in 2018, they're my favourites that I've read during the year. My top 3 Non-Fiction reads of the year were..... THE SALT PATH by Raynor Winn, THE PRISON LETTERS OF NELSON MANDELA & RUNNING FOR MY LIFE BY Rachel Ann... Continue Reading →

What Weather Warning?

race the light The blog returns. We ventured deep into the South Hams on Saturday afternoon to tackle Pure Trails' twilight adventure event, Race The Light. The forecast wild weather earlier in the day duly arrived. We know it rained hard in the morning. We volunteered at Parkrun. The Torbay Velopark Parkrun attendees are a... Continue Reading →

When is a blogger not a blogger?

When is blogger not a blogger? A runner not a runner? A writer not a writer? I've been soul searching about questions of my 'identity' for the last few weeks. With the positivity I've been encouraged to nurture I've concluded that, as long as I'm returning to any of these, that's enough to still 'be'.... Continue Reading →

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