A poem, inspired by living with dementia By Kevin Bonfield   A man that can no longer tell the time nor know which day will be coming next Opens the top of a carrier bag and shows us an alarm clock and a diary A man whose long and short term memory crackles and sometimes... Continue Reading →

Above The Line

ABOVE THE LINE a poem by Kevin Bonfield (part of my dementia inspired collection) Highlight, in bright pink, the chosen pictures And trace the words below. Smooth. Only, what's this? Something about dates Dates, what about dates, hang on, dates I remember them. I think. It has somehow changed, I wanted the chairs The ones... Continue Reading →

Freedom Of Speech

The internet eh? Full of people. People you might like. People you might not. People you agree with. People you don't. Somehow, by applauding the decision to bring a great sporting event to Torbay, where I live, I was accused of being a Torbay Council stooge and anti free speech. That's the price of engaging... Continue Reading →

Unchained Melody

There was quite an ironic, rewarding, bizarre, unlikely event the other evening. So for a quick reminder, and a brief introduction to new readers, Nicky (my AMAZING lady wife) and I live with, and care for, Frank, my father-in-law. Frank is suffering with dementia and, as this blog has regularly documented, life for all three... Continue Reading →

About ******* Time

Whatever you views. About anything. You've got to enjoy a bit of Jonathon Pie. But this will never be a political platform. First post of the year....... TA DAAAAAAAAAA. And whatever your views, these ones from last weekend's running are pretty good. Actually, it's taken me so long to write this post, those images are... Continue Reading →

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