A little bit about me

Well, here I am. Blogging, it seems.

I do love a bit of writing and I have been wonderfully encouraged by my beautiful wife to enjoy some scribblings and just believe in myself. I read some advice recently that it’s ok to describe oneself as a writer…. all you need to do is write. It doesn’t really matter what, where or how. Just write.

I’ve started a Sister page to publish pure writing, leaving this site for my running related scribblings – https://runningmywritinglife.wordpress.com/

I suppose I’m middle aged (just turned 50 as we speak), I’m incredibly happy and in love and enjoying the adventure of life with Nick, my amazing wife. #

We both love running and going to events, reading, walking, our characterful Border Terrier, Charlie, and I feel blessed to be sharing the rest of my life with my perfect soul mate.

2016-07-22-15-41-59So I shall be mostly chronicling running adventures and thoughts on life and hopefully some like minded spirits will enjoy a read of the stories our life together is writing.

I can be contacted by email at kbonfield@live.com and  I use Fetch, StravaFacebook and would relish any opportunity to write content for any (particularly running related) websites, magazines, papers, newsletters, digital publications or anything else you can think of!