Independence Day

INDEPENDENCE DAY A Brexit Essay by Kevin Bonfield "Independence day! It's fucking independence day!" I'm sure he actually did a little jump of joy as he repeated himself, adding "We get our fucking country back." There's a burning inside my head. It's not tears, they've been and gone. I can feel the heat in my... Continue Reading →


A poem, inspired by living with dementia By Kevin Bonfield   A man that can no longer tell the time nor know which day will be coming next Opens the top of a carrier bag and shows us an alarm clock and a diary A man whose long and short term memory crackles and sometimes... Continue Reading →

When is a blogger not a blogger?

When is blogger not a blogger? A runner not a runner? A writer not a writer? I've been soul searching about questions of my 'identity' for the last few weeks. With the positivity I've been encouraged to nurture I've concluded that, as long as I'm returning to any of these, that's enough to still 'be'.... Continue Reading →

You’ll Wear Flowers In Your Hair

YOU'LL WEAR FLOWERS IN YOUR HAIR A PIECE OF FLASH FICTION BY KEVIN BONFIELD   You'll wear flowers in your hair, not subtly either. You'll look like a vigorous florist display. The previous day, you will have worn a bikini, the weather in Norfolk demanding it. You'll keep yourself hidden after that. Maybe a year... Continue Reading →

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