Some like it hot…..

I love the sunshine, the warmth, ahhh yes, lazy days when we’re not at work. Yup, on those balmy, sultry breaks, we sure do like it hot…

After 7 hours and 40 minutes of our journey from Paignton to the Travelodge at Middlewich, eye-wateringly tired from driving and the relentless heavy traffic, a little bit indigestioned (not an ACTUAL word, I appreciate, but it summed up our bloated bodies perfectly!) by something called ‘fast food’, we could really have done with NOT being hot.

2017-06-03 09.10.35
Improvised ear plugs

An absolute bargain, the Travelodge room, and there was nothing actually wrong with it, and the staff were more than willing and helpful, magically producing a fan from somewhere. We requested this, after establishing that sleeping with the windows open basically created the effect of sucking in the sound of articulated lorries braking for the roundabout outside. And it was SO EFFIN’ HOT.


Despite this, we, bleary eyed and bleary bodied, couldn’t help but take an Elbow approach this morning, throwing the curtains wide, glad we only had a couple of hours driving left (even allowing for a tiny navigation error….) and 7 days of lakes beauty ahead.

2017-06-03 09.23.28
Heard a few of these last night


First stop today, Coniston, scene of the start and finish of tomorrow’s marathon. In case  you’re interested, cut-offs look evenly spaced and inclusive. Just saying.

As we sat stuffing our grinning faces with pie and chips outside a lovely café in the bustling town of Coniston, we noticed several other obvious runners about the town, and a few sat near us. We enjoyed some self depreciating giggles as we noticed the salads, wraps, soups and other healthy looking light bites being consumed by waif like ‘proper’ athletes, like us, sporting tee shirts from previous epic marathon battles. It’s all good though, we are ON IT (starting next week), oh yes we are!!

We enjoyed a picturesque stroll to the race registration (we might have topped the pie up with an ice cream along the way) and collected our numbers and jumbo ankle timing chips ready for tomorrow’s jaunt.


2017-06-03 14.22.49
A natural hunter at work


hardknott passIf any of you have ever driven Wrynose Pass, or Hardknott Pass in the lakes, you’ll know what a breathtaking ride the drive from there to our fabulous chalet in Boot is, both for the incredible views and the rollercoaster ride a heavy lunch sitting on your stomach gets!


2017-06-03 14.15.14
Fabulous location for a run tomorrow

We stayed here last year, when we did the Brathay Windemere Marathon, and would unreservedly recommend it. In the middle of outrageously gorgeous scenery and dog friendly too.



2017-06-03 14.21.20
I don’t know why we come here….

So, as the sun disappears behind the fells, in the silence of the valley here, we look forward to a cooler, quieter, darker night’s sleep, with a 5am alarm set ready for some more lovely adventure……..




2017-06-03 14.26.58
Plenty of this tomorrow





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