Our Friends, Eclectic

Hhhhmmmm, the quandary of age. I turn fifty in fourteen days time. Just a number. A number which gets bigger every year. But just a number.

Having spent this week digging holes for fence posts, amongst other outdoor, physical and chilly activities, my body has a message for me. I turn fifty in fourteen days time.

The old, new me (the one that had given up drinking and smoking but still lived in a dark head space and was yet to find the most incredible and powerful force that is LOVE) would have been worrying that he’d missed two planned runs this week due to utter fatigue. 

The new, new me just sees this as needed rest. I’m doing a five kilometer time trial in the morning and some serious miles on Sunday. They are going to be a whole lot more fun for the relative rest I’ve given my body.

Just love running.



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